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The Compact Data Logger
   ECU connection
CAN, K-Line and RS232
   External power
9÷15 V
5 pins Binder 712 + 7 pins Binder 712 + USB Type-C
4 GB internal + 16 GB removable USB Type-C key
PA6 30% glass fiber reinforced
61.4 x 44.7 x 27.2 mm
60 g
Main features
ECULog is a data logger to record data from your ECU.
Rugged, waterproof with 4 GB internal memory, coming along
with a 16 GB removable key and with its only 61 x 44 x 27 mm
is the smallest data logger in AiM range.
It records data coming from ECU stream connection:
A flexible system
It is simple to create a complete system with the new ECULog designed by AiM.
Different expansions are available to cover most requirements:
GPS09c/GPS09c Open
The basis of lap time and split time calculations
of all AiM systems.
LCU1/LCU1 Open Lambda Controllers
They allow to perfectly tune the carburetion of your engine to keeping it at its best and improve the engine's performances.
ACC2/ACC2 Open Analog CAN Converters
They manage 4 analog inputs to a max frequency of 200 Hz each.
SmartyCam 3
Get all the data from the ECU, merge them with the GPS
information, with the internal Inertial platform,
from the analog inputs and transmit all the data
to the camera, that will show them in overlay
in a 60 fps video.
All these possibilities makes ECULog the smallest and complete datalogger by AiM, recording data
in the internal 4 GB memory and in a handy 16 GB.
Tiny and powerful
ECULog can handle everything you need on the track; thanks to the Data Hub it is possible to connect several expansions at the same time, increasing the information sampled on track. ECULog can record data from the GPS09c, from analog sensors (throught the new ACC2) and from ECU, sending them to SmartyCam 3.
Compact, powerful and reliable
The reduced size of the ECULog makes it
ideal for motorcycle and any underseat
compartment installation, or even in space-poor
vehicles or tiny cockpits where a display
is not needed.
RaceStudio 3 in-depth Analysis
Thanks to removable USB-Type C key, you can
easily analyze your data using our professional
RaceStudio 3 software, comparing all the data
recorded by ECULog.
Histograms, scatters, diagrams, maps and even
videos recorded with a SmartyCam 3 are
automatically synchronized for a better comparison.
ECU Connection
  Choose the protocol for connection the ECULog to your engine among thousands of protocols available.
If you can't find the protocol for your vehicle in our huge database, you can also develop your own protocol in just few clicks thanks to the CAN builder feature, then your ECULog will receive and record hundreds of data of your engine.