Taipan Y

0.1.12 - December, 21th 2022


  • Added support of Yamaha YZ 450F MY 19 20

  • Fixed a bug related to crank correction that appear when UC bridge was connected to ECU

  • Optimized automatic barometic calculation algorithm

  • Fixed a bug related to manual throttle calibration on bike that has external power on key

0.1.11 - October, 28th 2022


  • Add support of MY 2023 bike

  • Insert the possibility to bypass quickshift cut with 0 value entry in quickshift time table

0.1.10 - July, 21th 2022


  • Add RPM compensation table for injection transient correction

  • Add two position map switch management

  • Improved ecu temeprature calculation

  • Improved analog sensors reading

0.1.9 - July, 6th 2022


  • Improved management of HBS switch communication

0.1.8 - June, 10th 2022


  • Disable throttle calibration on-bike for Moto3 Pre-Moto3 project

  • Introduced one shot barometric pressure calculation option

0.1.7 - May, 3rd 2022


  • Improved the pick-up signal reading during the engine crank

  • Corrected the management of launch control in Neutral strategy

  • Add speed density usage flag

  • Filtered channels of air temperature and water temperature measures at 1Hz

  • Correct the managemnt of fuel pump re-arm

0.1.5 - February, 15th 2022


  • Validated traction control startegy intervention

  • Add management of Moto3

  • Add management of PreMoto3

  • Add ecu mounting position feature on Moto3 Premoto3 projects

  • Add speed limiter strategy for Moto3 and Premoto3 projects

  • Add user injection and ignition tables

0.1.4 - September, 29th 2021


  • Initial release