Latest in RaceStudio 3 Release

Math Channels Plugin

This feature targets, let me say, the most “geeky” users of AiM products.

If you’re one of us, you’ll get benefit out of the possibility to build a dll, starting from a template C++ project (open source), to create math channels of your own.

Please contact

Math Channels Plugin

Suspension Analysis

This layout has to be considered as an easy introduction to the understanding of how your suspensions behave. You need suspension position potentiometers installed, RaceStudio 3 Analysis will guide you into the computation of suspension velocities and organize the most useful plots for you.

Suspension Analysis

Frequency Analysis

One of the building blocks of the suspension analysis, it’s DFT/FFT transform results are absolutely valuable by itself and can guide your understanding of many data.

Frequency Analysis

Time Compare on Maps

Maps can now be colorized by Time Compare values. This new possibility adds to the existing colors capabilities: by channel value, by split, by lap.

Time Compare on Maps

Better Ways to Select Laps

RaceStudio 3 Analysis introduces the easy selection of certain, meaningful, sets of laps.

  • The best N laps, when you want to see where the performance is.

  • The first N laps, when you for example want to see how your vehicle behaves just out of pits.

  • The last N laps, when you for example want to see how temperatures stabilized in your session.

  • The laps of the best N splits (per track map sector), when you are analyzing the performance only is a given place.

Better Laps Selection

New Percentiles Operators in Channels Report

New operators have been added to Channels Reports. This allows for new calculations.

New Channels Report Operators

Movement of Slices Through Keyboard Arrows

When your focus is into the time-distance plot, you, as always before, can move cursor using the left-right arrow keys on your keyboard. Now you can, holding shift pressed while operating the left-right keys, keep the cursor stable in the plot and move the selected slice(s).

Moving Slices

New Installer

Few words to describe what’s changed: lighter and faster. The new installer downloads only the needed resources on the go. For this reason it’s better to execute it with internet connection available, but this is commonly true nowadays. If this can be perceived as an advantage, well, let’s point out that the new one weights 50% less and executes in around 30% of the original time.

New Installer

Alarms in Analysis Windows

Alarms have always been highlighting values exceeding a give min or max value. Flipping the settings min and max values, you can get the RaceStudio 3 Analysis engine to highlight values that stay between a min and a max value.

Alarms in plots

Better UI for Histograms

Histograms have been improved to offer:

  • colors based on a secondary channel histogram

  • higher number of bars

  • count of values that exceed min or max values

  • count of values pertaining to macro areas

Better histograms UI

New Displacements for Plots

In case you’re showing in the same plot (time-distance, histogram or scatter) the channels pertaining to separate vehicle corners, we added to RaceStudio 3 Analysis the possibility of sorting automatically the visualization of every channel

Plots displacement

MP4 Movies Cut

You’re the fastest on the track with your SC3 recording it. You need to share the video of your best lap… You need to post on social networks your best overtake… There’s nothing better than RaceStudio 3 to cut these out of the movie of your entire session. Open your session in RaceStudio 3 Analysis and select the interval you want a slice of your movie of (you can do it using the story board, the time-distance plot, or the map) then click the scissors icon in the top left corner of the movie window. You’ll get a file with the only selected interval, the original movie not being modified.

MP4 movies cut