RaceStudio 3


3.67.20 - May 29th, 2024


  • Fix in launching redistributable packages to increase reliability.


  • Fixed opening (when user selected) of either analysis or tracks upon RaceStudio 3 opening.

  • Clicking the top right AiM icon unhides a menu that links to all AiM facilities on the web.

  • Fixed bug with starting splash screen that, instead of automatically hining, could remain shown until a button was pressed.


  • Fix in saving profile scalings.

  • Minor modifications in the channels list, to load all samples when the show button is clicked.

  • Bug fix in the population of the channels list, that could feature useless rows.

  • Avoided some useless redraws while loading a profile.

  • Added command to recompute laps after having removed or splitted one (in channels list and storyboard).

  • The channels list is now keeping channels values hidden (by default) for channels that aren’t shown. Values can be added clicking on the dedicated icon.

  • Fixed minor issue with change of units of measure.

  • Minor UI change un the dialog window for selecting “dark” vs “white” mode.

  • Fix for decimal number that could be showing the default value instead of the chosen one.

  • Fixed missing load of channels that forbade the showing of correct channels values upon selecting a channel or a lap.

  • Fixed regression for which the channels report could find itself scrolling to top upon sorting it.

  • Fixed bug for which the selection of the first tab in a tabbed dialog window could be broken.

  • Fixed bug for which the “reset colors” buttons, in profile settings, were not bringing back to default colors.

  • Fixed import of PPIHC from AssettoCorsa and AssettoCorsaCompetizione.

  • Fixed bug on default units of measure.

  • Add lap dialog window now defaults to cursor position instead of zero.

  • Bug fix in removing the last lap of a session.

  • Fixed bug for which it could happen that the window for tracks updates could not be closed.

  • Fixed language files.

  • Fixed minor sorting issue with calendar list on the left, that could temporarily be shown with wrong sorting.

  • Frequency plot, added possibility of selecting the type of frequency analysis (PSD, modulus dB, modulus).

  • Fixed zooming of frequency plot: mouse wheel on the plot scales horizontally only, to scale vertically the mouse wheel on Y axis is needed.

  • Added possibility of selecting the scaling of frequencies (linear/logaritmic).

  • Fixed data import for “Club Motorsports” in AssettoCorsa and AssettoCorsaCompetizione.

  • Fixed data import for “Thompson Speedway Motorsport Park” in AssettoCorsa and AssettoCorsaCompetizione.

  • Tentative speed up for session load.

  • Bug fix in channels list, for which the selected split was not correctly managed.

  • Fixed bug for which zooming out with mouse wheel on a y axis placemark in time/dist would generate a x axis zoom out.

  • Improvement of split reports (now features also runs stats).

  • Fixed default coloring for laps, that could generate some ‘black’ laps.

  • Minor speedup at analysis profile load.

  • Fix at channels list, that could result being unpopulated.

  • Fixed data recovery in time distance plot.

  • Channels list now features a button for opening more sessions.

  • Further speedup at profile load.

  • Fixed bug in drag of slices, that could lead to scales resetting to defaults.

  • Fixed rescale of axes of histograms, that could lead to inconsistent steps.

  • Fixed bug that forbade the applicability of distance mode in some cases.

  • The first load of profiles at test open has been sped up.

  • Fixed bug with units of measure in math channels.

  • Fixed custom layout icon in main analysis view.

  • Channels list: Fixed working of sorting icon.

  • Meaningful channels: fixed column drawing and fixed data decimals for GPS latitude and longitude channels.

  • Some reorganization in colors and profiles dialog windows.

  • Bug fix in the storyboard: while switching from session time to local time some channels could result not being redrawn.

  • Math channels auto recomputation has been revisited a little, as it could be missing some modifications in the channel itself.

  • Meaningful channels (in channels list) have been revisited a little bit.

  • Reduced flickering while loading a profile.

  • In the channels report layout now the time column is automatically preselected, so to have the graphs pre populated.

  • Added easier possibility to transform split sequences.

  • Fixed basic color schemes into profiles.

  • Fixed typos in the menus.

  • Erase icon revisited into a trash can.

  • Track map for selected splits: laps are now colorized according to session.

  • Fixed channels report sorting so to have disabled laps always at bottom.

  • Fixed redraw of channels report header upon clicking for sorting data over column specific values.

  • Laps in channels list do not show the validity checkbox any more.

  • Modified header in split report to show segments as buttons (hence identifiable as clickable).

  • The confirmation message upon profile change has been suppressed.

  • Fixed reference slice recomputation upon a selection/deselection of sessions.

  • Fix for search string clear not working in math channels dialog window.


  • CAN Output: added conversion from output to custom input CAN protocol.

  • Serial number of connected Expansions: can now be set during cfg transmission.

  • SOLO2DL v2, SOLO2DL, MXm v2, MXm: added configurability for expansions: GPS09 PRO, GPS09 PRO Open.

  • Serial number expansion: fixed bug when importing an old cfg that didn’t load the serial number.

  • Reset odometer: fixed bug when distance was zero but timer wasn’t and didn’t show setting button.

3.67.02 - April 25th, 2024


  • Fixed bug in software start screen menu.

  • Updated user manual (F1 key).

  • Language files updated.


  • Fixed bug when saving default profile.

  • Changed ‘delta’ string in channels report.

  • Fixed the load of a default data slice for hillclimb sessions.

  • Added export possibility (for sessions) in drk and csv format.

  • New profiles management.


  • Managed new slave device: GT32.

  • Fixed random crash in configurations management.

  • Dash 10 inch: page p231ext, fixed bug when using camera (firmup equal or greater than 2.42.03 is needed).

  • Minor bug fix

3.66.29 - April 09th, 2024


  • Crash fix for bad memory access while downloading.

  • Language files updated.


  • Fix in download of mp4 files from SmartyCam3, that resulted in communication error.


  • fixed conversion factors for volume flow units.

  • Upon creating a new segments division, now choices are: upon track splits, upon all corners, upon a number (2 to 5) of segments.

  • Fixed missing user message upon data export.

  • Added possibility to insert a lap, as well as to remove it. Look for a right click menu in the laps list.

  • Minor rounding fix for lap time.


  • Managed new devices: ECULog, ACC2 and ACC2 Open.

  • SmartyCam3: steering control allows to manage the reversal of the direction of travel.

  • CAN Output: added conversion of output to custom input CAN protocol.

  • Open Devices as Expansions: separate management between Open and non-Open devices.

  • Solo 2: added the external battery channel to display.

  • SmartyCam3: fixed bug when disabling the graph control measure unit which overlapped the digit value.

  • SmartyCam3: added management of GPS09c expansion (firmware update to version 1.12.04 or later is required).

  • CAN Protocol Builder: fixed bug about icons indicating if a protocol has an Administrator Password and if in RS3 is available this password.

  • Fixed bug about scrollbars that hide values in window showing channels imported by DBC.

  • Open Devices as Expansions: single management of Open and non-Open devices.

  • SOLO2 DL: added External battery.

  • K8: added brightness settings.

  • Fixed bug about scrollbars that hide values in window showing channels imported by DBC.

  • Added new sensors for Mazda MX5.

  • Fixed bug about limit of output values for PDM status variable of Multiple Output Values type and PWM Duty Cycle values for Power Outputs in PWM mode.

Custom Protocols

  • Releasing CAN Protocol Merge

  • Unify FERRRARI - 488 296 Challenge and now use corrected (Intel) endianness.

  • Added: HONDA - CBR HRC 2024 ECU.

3.66.12 - February 26th, 2024


  • Language files updated.


  • Minor speed improvement in analysis DB access with search patterns.

  • Bug fix for ‘add custom layout’ that stopped working.

  • Fix to search by device serial number, that recently stopped working.

  • Fix (temporarily under options) for bitfield management, that now behave exactly like live measures.


  • dash 10 inch: Fixed issue on “p23ie” page not showing camera 2 video.

  • K8 Led color: added yellow.

  • K8 CAN output: added a default payload with all buttons value.

  • Fix in download of mp4 files from SmartyCam3, that resulted in communication error.

  • Blink Marine Keypad: updated checks for CAN2 payload ID compatibility.

  • Managed AiM keyboard: K8 device work as stand alone and to be connected to AiM master.

  • Dashes: updated page 19i for lap number and lap time controls.

  • SmartyCam3: MyChron5 dash graphic control has improved value matching for the rpm scale.

3.65.34 - January 30th, 2024


  • Language files updated.


  • Bug fix for default value of coloring in analysis profiles.

  • Fixed function to set local time of imported sessions.

3.65.31 - January 29th, 2024


  • Language files have been updated.


  • Dashes: gear code ‘P’ chan now be shown.

  • Bug fix: RaceStudio 3 could freeze up when updating.

  • Display: updated font ConthraxSbX.

  • Display: fixed bug for which, upon changing channel units, units were not set in graphic controls.

  • SmartyCam3: added 240 mph scale in all sets.

  • SmartyCam3 Advanced Stream Protocol: managed lap time format (hh:mm:ss:cc) for ECU channels.

  • Added 2 new dash pages: p22i sport/race.

  • Bug fix in setting alarms using odo time.


  • Fix in math channel LAP_INTEG computation: samples time stamps had a small offset, this could be affecting the computation of other channels.

  • Fix in analysis database calendar search.

  • Torque and Force unit conversion factors have been fixed.

  • Fixed bad track assignment for dragster sessions.

  • Fixed unallowed context menus in storyboard and time/distance plot for dragster sessions.

  • Fixed bug for which data imported for dragsters could result showing no data.

  • Fixed bug in channels settings window, that could be missing the selection of the correct channel.

  • Fixed processing of xrk files when timestamp errors occur.

  • Improved colors management, also allowing specific color modes (per channel, per lap/slice, per session).

  • Bug fix for drawing glitch in histogram cursor with horizontal bars.

  • Review of how best lap and lap validity are generated.

  • Bug fix for bad coloring of slices data in scatter/histogram/frequency plots.

  • Bug fix in channels report for which a session channel could be missing even having the same name.

  • Bug fix in computing the time base for timing math channels.

  • Fix to delta operators in reports.

  • Bug fix in split report export to CSV and Excel(TM) format.


  • Fix in download of mp4 files from SmartyCam3, that resulted in communication error.

3.65.16 - January 9th, 2024


  • Improved logs for tracing possible USB issues.

  • Improved USB communication internal logs.

  • Stabilization of USB communication across device reset while in communication phase.


  • Fixed bug for which the split distance could result being wrong.

  • Fixed scroll in listboxes in order to match OS scroll settings.

  • After any change in units of measure all the UI windows update automatically, without requiring sessions to be reloaded.

  • Bug fix for logsheet in suspension analysis that could be presenting information twice.

  • Bug fix for wrong different coloriture in track map and scatter panels.


  • Selection of internal channel: fixed bug that showed a blanc line for ‘Luminosity’ channel.

  • Expansions alarms: the default value has been set to ‘none’.

  • SmartyCam3 display dash 01, dash 02: fixed bug in the non-linearity of the scales.

  • SmartyCam3 display dash MyChron 5: fixed bug in the non-linearity of the scales: 10000, 15000, 18000.

  • SmartyCam3 display dash MyChron 5: fixed bug in scale: 10000 15000 18000.

  • Fixed bug in file transmission to AiM devices that use GPS 09 expansion.

  • Managed GPS09 C PRO.


  • Fix in download of mp4 files from SmartyCam3, that resulted in communication error.


3.65.05 - November 30th, 2023


  • Fixed bug in file transmission to AiM devices that use GPS 09 expansion.

  • Managed GPS09 C PRO.

  • Managed MXT and MXT Strada.

3.65.02 - November 28th, 2023


  • Minor UI Fixes.

  • Bug fix in DB filtering dialog window.

  • Bug fix in histogram additional percentages with alarms ‘in between’.

  • Some UI fixes in histograms, inlcuding management of color channels.

  • Introduced suspension analysis window.

  • Minor speedup of Sessions DB user interface.

  • Minor fixes in histograms computation.

  • Histograms now can plot additional percentages (only on vertical bars and for a single slice).

  • Histograms can now show/hide also bars values below min and over max values.

  • Changed lap visibility icons in laps list.

  • Fixed bug for which, setting autoscale, plots were computed using previous min and max values until profile was reloaded.

  • Added possibility of creating a histogram with 50 or 100 bars.

  • Channels settings: the annoying message upon step not being multiple of value (max-min) has been taken away.

  • Improved consistency between tracks and sessions.

  • Fixed bug in histograms panel: the axis now is better reflecting bars.

  • Fixed bug that could pop out as a missing recomputation of time/dist, histograms, scatters and frequency panels after a channel settings change.

  • Fixed bug for log sheets coloring whith a black background user profile.

  • Fixed bug for which histograms and scatters could not be working correctly in tiled mode (they worked as overlapped).

  • Fixed bug for which, while zooming in time/dist view, in tiled mode channels could be reordered.

  • When zoomed in, the track map automatically drags to follow the cursor if it’s set to go outside.

  • The reference slice in track map is always plotted at the bottom so not to interfere with other slices coloritures.

  • A new window to choose channel function has been introduced.

  • Improved management of laps enabling/disabling, now in common through all analysis windows.


  • Fixed bug in handling special characters in setting the configuration name.

  • SmartyCam3: managed LAP distance channel and replaces GPS distance channel (firmup equal or greater than 1.09.04 is needed).

  • Solo2DL: bug fixed in ‘Sat Numbers’ in the upper status bar.


  • The main distance odometer change has been allowed for all devices.

3.64.09 - November 7th, 2023


  • Fixed icons for reports colorize methods.

  • Time Compare is allowed to be shown as colors on track maps.

  • Bug fix in channels settings: the ‘recompute’ button for math channels could result in skipping the computation.

  • Allowed Frequency Analysis.

  • Allowed new operators in channels report and in tech reports: the computation of percentiles.

  • Bug fix in lap summary preview.

  • Added possibility to select first and last 1-3-5 laps.

  • Minor fix in median computations across software (tech-reports, split report and median filters) in order to get the exact same results.

  • Fixed colors management in channels report.

  • Fix in alarms management in time/dist and storyboard.

  • Time/dist, fix for the management of xrk events, you can move among events also backward using the shift+tab key.

  • Fixed resize problem for all layout windows when moved into a mate window.

  • Fixed management of events time that could result to be wrong when downloading both for RS3A and for RS2A.

  • Crash Fix: there were cases in which RaceStudio 3 crashed while loading a profile with a mate window open.

  • Bug Fix: there were cases in which left and right arrows on the keyboard to move in time/dist erroneously generated a tab switch.


  • GPS09/C: bug fixed in cfg receive.

  • ACC: channels are now enabled by default.

  • Download resources: added message when missing internet connection.

  • Fixed bug about control position in mathematical channels.

3.64.01 - October 19th, 2023


  • Fixed bug for array index out of range.

  • Fixed bug in channels report, for which the first column was no more sortable.

  • Improved selection for all laps into header for channels report and split report: now avoids ‘in’ and ‘out’ laps.

  • Fixed bug to keyboard shift+left slice movement.


  • Fixed MXm graphical resources download.

3.64.00 - October 18th, 2023


  • New installer, smaller and with reduced resources, that gets automatically downloaded from the AiM server only if needed.

  • Fixed timers that could make UI unresponsive.


  • MXS Strada v2: transmission to the MXS Strada 1.x prevented.

  • Fixed bug while exporting configuration with user icons. The default icons could result not being exported.


  • Improved tech reports to have tooltips for every data point.

  • Fix for having channels report to enable/disable all laps through a click on header row.

  • Improvement to the computation of the best lap, the detection of which now evaluates distance covered in lap.

  • From now on a warning icon is shown when the session features no track associated.

  • Shift + left/right key press moves all shown slices backward/forward.

  • Increased the time/dist cursor update speed while right or left key press on the keyboard.

  • Fixed bug in uploading files for support (error while opening ticket).

  • Fixed weather data recovery, that was setting into the run information at wrong date/time.

3.63.26 - October 3rd, 2023


  • Some minor fixes to tab controls.


  • Added, to scatters plot and histograms, the possibility to overlap two channels or to tile the according to vehicle corners.

  • Bug fix in identifying tracks when session covers a limited area.

  • Changed the message for “track not compatible” to avoid mislead users.

  • Fix in track identification while importing into RS3A, that was buggy in case of sessions made of an even number of laps, half of which very slow and the other half very fast.

  • RS3A Reports: avoiding prints of bad items.

  • RS3A Reports: the view settings are now saved into the tech report file.

  • RS3A Reports: avoiding prints of bad items.

  • RS3A Reports: the view settings are now saved into the tech report file.

  • Fix to cursor bouncing around in case of more movies windows open, all in play mode, and moving the cursor manually on time/dist window.

  • Reports: the data filter settings are saved into the report itself.

  • Reports: fixed the ‘switch to’ menu.

  • Fixed sorting of channels report that erroneously stopped working.

  • Fix for showing better UI menus in track map and splits divisions manager.

  • Crash fix in split report upon splits division change.

  • Reports: improvements in RS3A Report exports (pdf layout).

  • Reports: added possibility of avoiding the printout of parts of report.


  • MXS v2: transmission to the MXS 1.x prevented.

  • SmartyCam3 stream protocol: fixed bug in CAN output frequency setting.

  • Fixed bug that could occur when transmitting to the device.

3.63.20 - September 14th, 2023


  • Fixed session name displayed as window title in RS3A (it could replicate fields twice).

  • Fixed Initialization of Default Math channels.

  • Fixed bug that prevented some tracks from appearing in track selection window.

  • Fixed corner/tiled plot mode in time/distance view.

  • Fixed bug drawing the track map in case of a single split.

  • Added management of possible crashes while reading bad data from settings files.

  • Bug fix for which the RS3A was not opening any session any more.

  • Two crash fixes in session open, due to arrays out of bounds.

  • In track map selection window, the track map line clearly shows if the track map is AiM or user.

  • Fix to nordschleife track misalignment during import from simulators files.

  • Bug fix for smart tiled plots in time/dist.

  • Tech Data Report: Synchronized the scroll of all the lists of sectors of the same type.

  • Tech Data Report: Set the correct zooming level for the map in each tab.

  • Fixes in math channels engine while composing in the formula some math functions with LAPTIME or LAP_INTEG functions.

  • Fixed update bug while changing a math channel involving a lookup table.

  • Improved management of purge math channels (whenever might be needed).

  • Fixed bug with management of right click in math channels creation window.

  • Fixed redraw bug in time/distance plot after changing math channels.


  • Race Mode and Vehicle Type settings have been hidden as not used.


  • GPS09c Pro Open: it can be added as an expansion using accelerometers and gyro channels.

  • Improved display of user labels for channel states.

  • Display: fixed bug in updating available channels after adding a new user channel.

  • SmartyCam stand alone using ECU: fixed bug when ‘SmartyCam Status CAN output’ was enabled which could not trasmit the cfg.

3.63.15 - August 30th, 2023


  • Fixes in math channels engine while composing in the formula some math functions with LAPTIME or LAP_INTEG functions.

  • Fixed update bug while changing a math channel involving a lookup table.

  • Improved management of purge math channels (whenever might be needed).

  • Fixed bug with management of right click in math channels creation window.

  • Fixed redraw bug in time/distance plot after changing math channels.

3.63.13 - August 29th, 2023


  • Some fixes to AiM default math channels.

  • Bug fix for bad redraw of time compare in time/dist.

  • Bug fix for bad redraw of time/dist after a change in plot base from time to dist or vice versa.

  • Fixed bug for channels settings windows being opened without any channels in the list.

  • Added link to help in the math channels functions list.

  • Fix to split management menu in time/dist view.

  • Fix for delta movement on plot (this had recently stopped working correctly, moving the cursor instead).

  • Fixed import of acc & acp files for “ks_nordschleife” track.

  • Granted possibility, via context menu, to compute split reports using bigger track gates.

  • Fix to the population of the calendar list in the DB, that could be showing a wrong sessions number.

  • Fix to track selection window, to better manage the creation of a new track or the association of an existing one.

  • Fix to histogram computation, to allow a better management of bars limit values.

  • Changed messages prompted to users while synchronizing tracks database.

3.63.01 - August 17th, 2023


  • MXS v2: fixed bug in extra channels that were erroneously shown.

3.63.00 - August 16th, 2023


  • Bug fix for enabling check odometers authorization button.


  • Managed MXS v2 and MXS Strada v2.

  • SmartyCam3: Added snap to grid option when designing the overlay layout.

  • ECU Builder: managed ECU Running Lap Time.

3.62.00 - July 20th, 2023


  • Fixed horizontal scrollbar width in log sheets.

  • Sessions DB, added (right click) menu to show files in folder.

  • Fix for automatically importing from xrk all the jr dragster wheel setup information (drive gear number, driven gear number, wheel circumference).

  • Track map for selected split: fixed a wrong header height, added default menu for split selection.

  • Improved verifications on web mappings icon and tooltip.

  • Bug fix: now the list controls correctly handles the list hot item also when scrolled down.

  • Bug fix: fixed comments management while changing properties with mutiple sessions selected.

  • Added ‘smart’ plot type in time/distance, to allow automatically displaying channels according to vehicle corners.

  • Bug fix: RaceStudio 3 now avoids to add a new track name to the xrk upon download, as it could contribute to bad track recognition by RaceStudio 3.

  • Improvements in sessions naming while in GPS local time mode.

  • Some memory leaks fixed.

  • Some click and doubleclick interactions improved in scatter and histograms.

  • Fix in computing deceleration reports.

  • Fix to lap detection in mov files.

  • Fix to nearby when selecting sector maps.

  • Fix to track initialization of open circuits when creating a new track map.

  • Fix in managing report performance assessment values.

  • Fix in managing report name while importing it.

  • Fix to avoid showing wrong sector data.

  • Fix to run sorting in report.

  • Fix in renaming report and in populating an empty report list.


  • Managed new expansion: ACC (Analog CAN Converter).

  • SmartyCam3: bug fix in graphic scale for rpm in cluster controls.

  • SmartyCam3: fixed bug when moving some graphic controls to set display view.

  • Fixed bug about frequency over 50hz for existing ECU Protocol channels.

  • Icons: fixed bug when using locked feature that it was impossibile to manage it.

  • Clone SmartyCam HD: now it behaves like other devices and the window to change the name of the cloned cfg appears.

  • Display 10 inches page p231ext: correct view of the camera.

  • CAN Output setting: correct placement of the edit box to set the end counter value.

  • Managed reading of the baudrate by a DBC file.

3.61.01 - June 27th, 2023


  • Updated Japanese language file.


  • Added report functionality.

  • Added possibility to edit split positions also while editing splits divisions.


  • ACC Expansion: thermocouple selection disabled (entered incorrectly).

  • SmartyCamStream: fixed bug in setting channels with both CAN1 and CAN2 management. Some channels may not be settable.

3.60.00 - June 26th, 2023


  • Updated Japanese language file.


  • Fixed bug for which it was impossible to delete smart collections.

  • Added possibility to customize analysis DB position.

  • Improvements to splits division dialog user interface.

  • Added icons to analysis and report tabs.


  • Added support for MXS Strada Light.

  • Fixed bug when using quotes (“) in cfg name: it didn’t save cfg file.

  • SmartyCam3 stream: fixed bug when setting 4 bytes for channels.

  • Fixed bug about frequency over 50hz for ECU Protocol channels.

  • Fixed bug about Overlay not properly working after converting a configuration from one device to another.

  • Fixed a bug about duplicated analog channels after converting a configuration from one device to another.

  • Fixed bug about frequency over 50hz for ECU Protocol channels.

  • Fixed a few more bugs on converting a configuration from one device to another.

  • Fixed bug on converting a configuration from one device to another.

  • SmartyCam3 display: fixed bug in controls for ‘System Time’ and ‘Date Time’

3.59.53 - June 9th, 2023


  • Minor bug fix to channels report.

  • Fix to handle tkk file with length wrongly set to 0.

  • Fix to correctly identify open circuits.

  • Fix to laps list that wrongly scrolled to top upon flagging or deflagging a lap.

  • Improvements in ibt file imports (managed channels @ 360 Hz, fixed some FIDS, added some channels).

  • Fix in saving advanced channels import for simulators.


  • Solo2 DL: managed channel expansion.

  • Fixed bug in changing ECU protocols that could not save correctly: silent, R120 Ohm, SC status CAN output.

3.59.44 - May 31th, 2023


  • Fix for an annoying messagebox wrongly shown.


  • MXm v2: fixed bug about maximum value of requested load of power outputs.

  • PDM Display: fixed bug in invalid channels warning icon.

  • Dash pages: improved preview for channel ‘not set’ in bargraph.

  • Display: corrected string shown in case of channel not set.


  • Some bug fixes to data report configurability.

3.59.38 - May 30th, 2023


  • Fix in RaceStudio 3 installer executable that wrongly raised a release number message box.

  • Improved reports computations.


  • Bug fix: Split Report and Channels Report were wrongly scrolling to top line whenever a lap was enabled/disabled.

  • Fixed bad redraw during list scrolling.


  • Fixed bug for which the tracks slist could result in being empty.


  • MXm, MXm V2: added management of ACC expansion.

  • Alarms: fixed bug in master with alarms in dash expansion.

  • Fixed bug in cfg conversion.

  • Managed MXm V2.

  • Font management for upper and lower value scale labels of measure.

  • SmartyCam3 GP Pro: fixed config download when SD card was not insterted.

  • Updated page p15i, p21i.

  • SmartyCam3 Dual: Fixed bug in GPS Pos Accuracy. Firmup 1.07.04 or newer is required.

Live Measures

  • Bug fix: Split times and rolling times could result in being wrong.

3.59.21 - May 12th, 2023


  • SmartyCam3 Dual: Fixed bug in GPS Pos Accuracy. Firmup is required.

  • Convertion of configuration from a device type to another compatible type (i.e. from SOLO 2 DL to SOLO 2 DL V2).

  • Fixed bug in showing warning icon for GPS Speed channel when opening a configuration.

  • Fixed bug on locked windows even when you have the protection key.

  • Display: restored page p19i erroneously removed for MXS 1.2 and MXP.


  • Fixed zoom reset button in track maps, that stopped working properly.

  • Fixed crash that could occur while zooming movies excessively in.

  • Fix in lap integ math channel computation.

3.59.15 - May 8th, 2023


  • Introduced Solo2 DL v2.


  • Fixed computation of time compare, that in some cases could result in not being computed correctly.

  • Modified split report so to display split times and distances also for disabled laps.

  • Added possibility to select laps with N best splits.

  • Added possibility to choose split (via icon) also in split report.

  • Fix in time/dist -> add split at cursor position: there were situations in which it didn’t work.

  • Fixed profiles general settings window.

  • Fixed plots of maps and time/dist in GPS Time mode.

  • Bug fix in management of distance in imperial units (there were some cases in which maps division wasn’t properly working).


  • GPS09c Open: RS-232 the base frequency can be selected with values of 25 and 20 Hz (before 25 and 10).

  • CAN output stream for SmartyCam3: fixed bug for transmission of signed channels.

  • Display 10 inc: updated page p23iext (firmup is required).

3.59.05 - April 24th, 2023


  • Fixed bug about start recording condition of PDM configuration: when parameters were lost it was impossible to reconfigure them, by now RaceStudio 3 add a default condition that user can modify.

  • Managed new device: GPS09c Open Pro.

3.58.12 - April 14th, 2023


  • Math channels application window shows a message upon recompute.

  • Fixed smart collections bug, for which the database wasn’t showing the correct sessions.

  • Fixed ‘Apply’ button behaviour in channels settings (redraws what needed).

  • Fixed off-track beacons for open circuits.

  • Open circuits are now visible in the list of nearby tracks when selecting the session track.

  • Fixed crash in analysis preview for a movie file from a session with no laps.

  • Fixed crash in LapEdgeCounter math channel computation.

  • Improved initialization of track candidates when opening the track map and sectors window.

Live View

  • SC3 is not showing accelerometers any more (they’re not in the hardware).


  • Fixed bug about locked features and protection keys.


  • While creating a new track, the map drawing zoom doesn’t reset any more moving from a lap foreward or backward.


  • Updated Japanese language.


  • Fixed bug for which the download from SC3 GP PRO internal memory couldn’t be working properly.

3.58.03 - April 7th, 2023


  • Updated list of special chars allowed in login password string.

  • Added options for exporting s3t files at higher frequencies, depending upon channels sampling frequencies.


  • Fixed bug in track selection, that didn’t properly work when the session has one only lap.

  • Fixed bug in split selection in split report. In time base it didn’t work, while in distance base the first click selected the split, another click on the same split moved to another (wrong) one.

  • Added flag to session row in split report, to allow selection/deselection of all laps.

  • Added possibility, in channels report, of deleting (clearing up) all items.

  • Some further fixes to logsheets units of measure.

  • Time/dist settings: renamed “On selected: min/max only for selected channels” into “On highlighted: min/max only for selected channels”.

3.58.00 - April 5th, 2023


  • Added management for SmartyCam3 Corsa, SmartyCam3 GP PRO, Solo2 v2.


  • Fixed s3t file format export, that didn’t correctly manage the time base (seconds vs milliseconds).

  • Track map icon fix: now it gets hidden if loaded sessions feature no GPS data.

  • Fixed RPM management in JR Drags Logsheets RPM values.

  • Some fixes to logsheets units of measure.

  • Added colors to distinguish axes in lookup tables definitions.

  • Lookup tables now allow also negative numbers.

  • Added default units for functions used in the LogSheets.

  • Fixed Channels Report values in case of report computed upon channels with no samples.

  • Fixed crash while opening lookup tables with corrupted or badly formatted files.

  • Fix repopulate of DB after change in ‘show mov’ menu.


  • Fixed bug for which in download RaceStudio 3 could be generating (false) errors upon importing into the DB.


  • SmartyCam3: fixed bug using custom protocol from master when changing units of measure in protocol channels.

  • SmartyCam3: fixed bug in ‘Steering Pos’ control that disappears when using the channel with decimals. Firmware update is required.

3.57.17 - March 29th, 2023


  • LogSheets fixes: some of the fueling data were missaved, karting setup does no more show car data, reduced flickering in the image on the right, fixed behaviour for junior dragsters that showed wrong fields.

  • LogSheets settings fixes: the radio button works on left button down instead than on click.

  • Fixed decimals issue in LogSheets.

  • Fixed flickering for minor changes in LogSheets image.

3.57.15 - March 28th, 2023


  • Fixed HP and CV unit conversions.

  • Fixed crash of RaceStudio 3 over problems in logging in to AiM servers.


  • CAN Output: fixed bug when changing the units of measurement of the channels.

  • Overlay: restored the min and max scale settings in bargraphs control.

  • GPS 09 C Open: fixed bug when opening configuration that always showed CAN.

  • GPS 09 C Open: fixed bug when switching from serial to CAN that did not change configuration.

  • GPS 09 C Open: management of reading the name of the configuration.

  • GPS 09 C Open: small changes in GUI.

  • SmartyCam3: management of track map using ECU channels.

  • Dash 10inch: revised background on page p23iext (improved rendering when sent to device).


  • Fix in assigning a user created track map: RS3A could still be saying the map was “not compatible”.

  • Fix in LookupTables 2D: the assignment of axis value could be impossible.

  • Allowed log-sheets for speed race mode.

  • Rearranged icons positions.

  • Fixed cursor movement in time base, now it can’t move after slice limits, exactly like in distance base.

  • Added possibility to compute math channels with stepped interpolation, linear interpolation or cubic interpolation.

  • Added math function for Median Filter.

  • The track map creation has been moved into the Tracks window.

  • Added possibility to create a track map only layout.

  • Some tweaks to functions usable when creating math channels.

  • Fix in math channels. We found (rare) cases in which the basic operation (+-*/) could be skipped.

  • Fix in time/distance window. Plots could result being wrongly scaled upon dragging across start/finish line.

  • Fixed zoom in time distance. Releasing the mouse button outside the time/distance window could lead to no data displayed.

  • New user interface for the definition of LookUp Tables.

  • Fixed misbehaviour in selectability of flags in batch conversion window.


  • Track editing window controls have been repositioned to maximize the space for the map.

  • The track map creation window has been reorganized to allow more space to the GPS map.

3.57.04 - March 16th, 2023


  • GPS 09 C Open: small changes in GUI and minor bug fix.

  • Dash 10inch: revised background on page p23iext

  • Dash 10inch: revised background on page p23iext (improved rendering when sent to device).

Web Udates

  • Firmup to version 2.40.56 for GPS09 is strongly recommended.


  • Fixed misbehaviour in selectability of flags in batch conversion window.

3.57.00 - March 10th, 2023


  • Managed SmartyCam3 GP.

  • SmartyCam3: fixed bug when switching connection from Master to Stand Alone where RPM and gear channels could be missing.


  • Crash fix in computation of some math channels using averages.

  • Analysis layouts will not let you remove the only panel left in a layout… only replace it.

3.56.00 - March 9th, 2023


  • Managed GPS 09 C Open.

  • Dashes: fixed bug in the number of decimal digits that couldn’t be displayed.

  • MXPS: fixed bug in missing font.

  • CAN Builder: fixed bug about different channel functions with same label.

Web Updates

  • Enabled first firmup capability for GPS09(s).

3.55.27 - February 28th, 2023


  • Analysis tabs can be moved through mate windows or sent to a new mate window also right clicking on the tab itself, other than dragging them.


  • Fixed bug about dasabled Save button while configuring a status variable.

  • Dashes: fixed bug in alarm configuration which was impossible to set.

  • Dashes: fixed bug in the number of decimal digits that could be displayed even if no decimal was set.

3.55.26 - February 24th, 2023


  • Minor fix to increase RaceStudio 3 login stability.


  • Fixed track identification bug in track map window.

  • Fix track recognition for Assetto Corsa tracks: VIR, Watkins Glen and Road America.

  • Added track inner air temperature functions.

  • Bug fix in recovering maximum number of reference slices while loading the profile.

  • Bug fix in drawing more than one slice with the same length on the track map.

  • Fixed selection of best lap with a session of three total laps, it wrongly ended up with no laps selected.

  • Fixed crash that could happen when showing the video preview and moving preview window position from lateral to bottom.

  • Added possibility of changing the selected split in the track report window.

  • Improved track creation window: better check for compatible tracks, that also are shown in map window.

  • Added possibility to insert split at cursor position in time-distance view.

  • Fixed bug for which the doubleclick in channels report and/or in track report didn’t move the session cursor to the item correct position.


  • Fixed bug when saving GPS inline acc in display configuration. This could skip saving operation.

  • SmartyCam3: fixed bug when saving configuration background (randomly it could skip saving operation).

  • Dashes: fixed bug for vertical bargraphs in driver page 17 (badly rendered once sent to devices).

  • SmartyCam3 Dual: Fixed bug when using stand alone with some ECU protocols that could work incorrectly.

  • PDM: Fixed bug that could make some status variables no longer accessible in configuration and appear as Power Outputs channels in the channel selection window.

  • SmartyCam3 resources: new background solid color (black and white) and new grid.

  • SmartyCam3 resources: lean angle enabled for angle functions.

  • Fixed crash of RaceStudio 3 about editing an expansion name then editing expansion serial ID.

  • Fixed bug in Trigger Command or Output Signal that could display incorrectly when opening more than one configuration.

Tracks Manager

  • Fixed bug: aborting a track receive operation could result in locking the track database.

  • Improved track creation window when connected to AiM server: nation, address and zip code are automatically populated.

3.55.20 - February 6th, 2023


  • Bug fix in communications with AiM server to avoid possible crashes of RaceStudio 3.


  • Fixed bug in graphic control font setting where the button could disappear.

  • SmartyCam 3: updated graphic controls previews in tab ‘Extras’.

  • SmartyCam 3: added graphic controls for lean angle e steering pos.

  • Fixed bug in some bargraph graphic controls for SmartyCam 3, MXG, MXS, MXS Strada.


  • Added possibility to export chunks of mp4 files, exactly like mov files.

  • Time Compare behaves now exactly like RS2A, upon zooming in: in ‘snap to lap’ mode the zero point is the beginning of lap, in ‘snap off’ mode the zero point is the beginning of the considered slice.

  • Improved management of lap colors across command to select best N laps.

  • Bug fix in creation of analysis mate windows: it didn’t work on PCs with one only display.

Web Updates

  • Bug fix for menu buttons remaining disabled after answering “No to update confirmation.

3.55.15 - January 26th, 2023


  • Fixed the snapshot capture made by RaceStudio 3 for SC3: now the saved file features the correct dimensions. Once finished, RaceStudio 3 also opens the saved file in Windows Explorer.

  • Possible fix to device ‘unclickable’ in device list.

  • Added management of COTA race track in sessions coming from AC/ACC simulators.

  • SmartyCam 3 connected to Master: fixed possible bug in the management of previously used ECU protocols.

  • SmartyCam3 that uses a customized CAN protocol: fixed bug in the management of decimal values.


  • Fixed bug about permanent warning icon on Status Variables tab.


  • Added snaphot button to movie window.

3.55.13 - January 19th, 2023


  • Smartycam3: removed graphic resources that could not show correct behaviour.

3.55.11 - January 17th, 2023


  • Security patch for SC3 communications.

  • Fixed memory management bug in download phase, that could randomly lead to drk/csv/kml files not being created.

  • Fix in download from SD card, that could imply a file not being copied (Changed parameters passed to CopyFileEx, as a Microsoft recommended fix after a regression with recent Windows(TM) updates).

  • Fixed channels sampling rate in export of s3t files.

  • Fixed sorting of channels in export of s3t files.

  • Crash fix in export of s3t files in case of no GPS data available.

  • Added management of Sebring race track in sessions coming from AC/ACC simulators.

  • Fixed management of login icon (that could remain indicating the mail instead of nickname).


  • Improvements in logbook management.

  • The DB list, once in last imported sessions mode, wasn’t sortable by last import date, though truly showing all last imported ones.

  • Added export (to Excel(TM) and CSV) capability to split report.

  • Fixed behaviour of selection by flags in RaceStudio 3 Analysis Database, agenda mode, with cloud enabled.


  • From now on PT-100 is the first sensor in the list and the default choice for temperature functions of a channel, instead of thermocuples.

  • SmartyCam 3: managed rolling lap number.

  • SmartyCam 3: managed best lap number.


3.55.07 - December 22nd, 2022


  • Added Date and Time controls for SmartyCam 3.

  • Fixed needle and bargraph scales for some SmartyCam 3 controls.


  • Fixed click on sessions in agenda mode.

  • Fixed click on some list controls headers, that could not manage correctly the flags.

  • Export vs Excel implemented for channels report.

  • Bug fix for analysis DB filters selection.

3.55.05 - December 16th, 2022


  • Fixed call to RaceStudio 3 client application that manages cloud push notifications, that in some cases could be “eating” processing resources.

  • The design of main icons has been shlightly changed.


  • Smarty 3: bug fix in graphic scale (for rpm/speed controls).

  • Dash graphic: fix bug in bargraph position.

  • Smarty 3 DUAL: Start recording condition handled properly.


  • Fix on modification of metadata for files shared on AiM cloud.

  • Some fixes to dragster logbooks working.

3.55.01 - December 1st, 2022


  • Allowed management of SmartyCam 3 Dual.

3.55.00 - December 1st, 2022


  • Allowed management of SmartyCam 3 Dual (AiM network only).

3.54.01 - November 29th, 2022


  • Introduction of AiM Cloud.

  • Fix to analysis search bar.

  • Preview window gets hidden/shown with ctrl+spacebar.

  • Minor fix to analysys DB, to manage unlikely but possible file renaming.


  • The design of main icons has been shlightly changed.

  • Fixed bug that could forbid the correct RaceStudio 3 closure.


  • Bug fix: it was no longer possible to select the colour of the alarm leds on the GS Dash.

3.53.18 - November 23rd, 2022


  • Fixed bug when adding a RIO2 expansion that didn’t show any channels.

3.53.16 - November 21st, 2022


  • Fixed bug about a PDM Keypad CAN Output message that was sent even when there is no keypad enabled.

  • Fixed minor bugs about texts in Parameters panel of a device configuration.

  • Fixed minor bug about enabling Save button in alarm settings window.

  • Fixed bug about enabling gain and offset controls in ‘CAN Measure Settings’ window creating a custom CAN protocol.

  • GotoPageNumber for PDM, SW4: fixed b ug in selectable channels showing incorrect status variable channel.

  • CAN output Import: improved message when an invalid file is selected.


  • Sessions smart calendar now correcly reacts to DB filters change.

  • Fixed bug on junior dragsters while setting wheel circumference and drive/driven teeth number.

  • The preview window can now be shown/hidden using the space bar.

  • Crash fix in Laps Report window.

  • List Controls inner working has been revisited.

  • Search feature revisited.

  • Allowed reload of current profile.

  • Fixed math channels recomputation issue.

  • Fix in plotting of a zoomed channel, or of a channel with very few points.

  • Fixed hiding of track reference line, that could result not working on web tiled mapping.


  • Fix to the “Update Device” button that could find itself hiding a device if connected through two different paths.


  • For safety purpose, now RaceStudio 3 logs out and deletes user after login attempt with bad password.

3.53.06 - November 4th, 2022


  • Fix to RaceStudio 3 internal log engine.

  • Fix to installer software engine.


  • Crash fix to unmanaged configuration date.

  • Improved import cfg from SmartyCam2.


  • Fixed hiding of track reference line, that could result not working on web tiled mapping.

3.53.04 - November 3rd, 2022


  • Updated installer software engine.

  • Ethernet scan (for AiM devices communication) now is on for all.

  • Bug fix: the software behavior window could wrongly be showing an empty message box.


  • PDM/08: Added Trigger Command to ResetCounter (odometers and fuel used).

  • SW4: increased the max number of math channels availabled on the device up to 100.


  • Fixed bug for which a session loaded could result showing no splits.

  • Fixed crash upon computing splits.

  • Added possibility to avoid show track reference line.

  • Math channel creation, improved wording: Renamed label ‘Area’ into ‘Group’.

Track Maps

  • Bug fix: there were cases in which reference points erroneously resulted hidden.

3.53.00 - October 28th, 2022


  • Added predictive reference lap management.

  • Added Predictive Reference Lap manager window, that can be called both by the sessions DB window, and from the analysis window.

  • Updated Japanese language translations.

  • There are cases in which Windows manages the WLAN scan with a certain latency… we coded to minimize this latency and to give the possibility to avoid WLAN scan (users need to connect to AiM devices using OS WiFi menu).

  • Fixed possible bug with the device network name in device window.

  • Fixes to the error messages of ‘Export for AiM’ feature.

  • Crash fix for the RaceStudio 3 application, that could occur once left alone for roughly a dozen minutes.

  • Added possibility to extract log files from SC3 MP4 files (requires fw update).

  • Batch conversion utility now opens and selects output files in output folder, once the job is done.

  • Added units m/s2 and ft/s2 for accelerometers.


  • Fixed bug: splits in time/distance plot can result in being misplaced.

  • Created math channel function LAP_EDGE_COUNTER.

  • Bug fix for lap summary preview window: flags coud result in not being responsive.

  • Bug fix for all preview windows that could result not being updated upon selected session change.

  • Bug fix: computation of math channels using LUT(s) with uneven breakpoints could result miscomputed.

  • Bug fix: buttons dimensions in settings of channels window.

  • Bug fix: opening a session with one only split could result in laps list being empty.

  • Improved advanced information windows.

  • Improved formatting of times channels in channels list.

  • Fix in management of distance units of measures.

  • Fixed software lap times computation, to avoid very short time laps being created.

  • Bug fix in management of last session analysis time.

  • The Sessions DB now auto selects, after import, also when there’s only a “skipped import” result.

  • Fixed import of drk files: brake pressure channels could result unreadable.

  • Fixed sorting of sessions list.

  • Bug fix: the preview window could remain stuck showing the wrong session.

  • VLC movies window: fixed a number of possible crashes bound to VLC dll library problems.

  • Fixed width for recompute math channels button in the window for setting channels properties.

  • Math channels fixes for constant PI.

  • Math channels fixes for functions derivative and integral.

  • Crash fix while copying profiles.

  • Ensured correct disabling of some controls in the window for setting channels properties, according to channel types.

  • Avoided move to default lap upon any channels changes.

  • Added file name to session tooltip.

  • Improvement: after file export an explorer window upon exported file is automatically started.

  • Bug fix to files selection while importing a folder containing both xrk and xrz files.

  • Minor fix in track map selection window.

  • Fixed problem with the redraw phase of the time/dist window after pressure of space bar.

  • Fixed problem with channels settings window appearing below a possible analysis mate window, furthermore being not modal.

  • A number of fixes/improvements done on math channels: integ, deriv, comparison operators (now comparing using units), trigonometry functions outputting angles.

  • Bug fix on “g” / “ft/s2” conversion.

  • (REQUIRES NEW FIRMWARE!) Fixed Network ident in RaceStudio 3 for memory module data, to allow a better work of data/video link while importing xrk files from MemoryModule or StradaLogger.

  • Fixed sessions DB list redraw upon data/video link-unlink.

  • Fixes to derivative and integral math channels functions.

  • Fixed use of search box in dlg sort strings.

  • Fixed crash importing or analyzing sessions with bad GPS data.

  • Fixed crash that could happen while closing RaceStudio 3.

  • Fixed bug for which on sessions recorded on a track shorter than 100 m the smart sync was not working.


  • ‘+- Best Time’ channel has been renamed into ‘+- Ref Time’.

  • Fixed bug in trigger command: updating could generate errors.

  • Fixed bug in alarms Messages/PopUp Colored, Timed: they might be not stored correctly.

  • Reset alarms as trigger command: it is now possible to reset only alarms whose final condition is ‘a button is pressed’.

  • SmartyCam3: Fixed bug in graphic controls.

  • SmartyCam3: Updated page ‘dash1’ for Solo2 DL.

  • SmartyCam3: Fixes to stream protocol.

  • PushButton: channel selection enabled even when set to execute a trigger command.

  • Fixed bug about default multiposition status for keypad channel.

  • Fixed bug about setting a PopUp Color Message Timed: black was represented with a white icon.

  • Fixed bug about date of new configuration that caused new configuration not placed at the top of the list if sorted by date and it might seem like it wasn’t created.

  • SW4: fixed bug in line color for channel setting (displayed dark).

  • PDM: Bug fix in configuration transmission using 5 inches display.

  • PDM: Fixed bug about warning icon on Display Icon conditions based on a Power Output channel in PWM mode.

  • Fixed bug about creation date and date of main operations on a configuration.

  • Fixed bug in hidden channel handling that caused a warning in the shiftligths window.

  • MXPS: fixed bug in the management of some internal channels.

  • Fixed bug when importing protection key or web update key.

  • Fixed bug that may occurs when selecting status variable for a channel condition.

  • Fixes bug when deleting a status variable used in display.


  • Bug fix in track maps device restore procedure.

3.52.76 - August 11th, 2022


  • Fixed crash that could happen while closing RaceStudio 3.

  • Fixed bug for which on sessions recorded on a track shorter than 100 m the smart sync was not working.


  • Fixes to AiM SmartyCam3 stream protocol.


  • Added possibility to extract log files from SC3 MP4 files (requires fw update, once ready).

  • Batch conversion utility now opens and selects output files in output folder, once the job is done.

3.52.74 - August 4th, 2022


  • Fixed list box controls that could forbid user selection in case of one only item inserted.


  • Fixed bug in communication window that could wrongly keep asking a display resolution choice to users.

  • Added MXPS to the devices that mandate asking AiM for odometer change.

3.52.73 - July 29th, 2022


  • Fixed communication issue that makes internet connection more stable during updates and tracks downloads.

  • General minor improvements in software speed.

  • When plugging to the PC a memory card that’s read only, a new icon is shown, helping users understanding the card is locked.


  • Fixed issue with calendar sorting that was broken by a previous version.

  • Fixed preview window not being reactive to session change.

  • Fixed sorting no more working in sessions DB.

  • Improved flicker management in preview window.

  • Math Channels fix: the formula edit box keeps selection highlight also when looses focus.

  • Math Channels fix: the ‘POW’ function is back working.

  • Math Channels fix: ‘EDGE_COUNTER’ function has been modified to work directly on channels and to use specific words, examples: EDGE_COUNTER(“Gear”, FALLING) EDGE_COUNTER(“Condition”, FALLING) EDGE_COUNTER(“Gear”, BOTH).

  • Some fixes to sessions database, to better manage the ‘agenda’ mode.


  • SW4: fixed bug in configuration of buttons that cannot be changed.

  • SmartyCam3: updated channel format in default stream protocol (ie brake and oil press).

  • PDM, PDM08: improved the management of output signals.

  • MX2E: added the management of SmartyCam3 custom stream protocol.

  • SmartyCam3: fixed bug when setting udm in graphic controls that did not update the analog speed scale.

3.52.64 - July 8th, 2022


  • Fixed RaceStudio 3 opening slowliness while issues and/or timeouts occur on AiM server.

3.52.62 - July 4th, 2022


  • Fixes to some context menu (map and time/dist windows) that could result in being not managed.

  • When analysis is in dragster mode, the time compare management function (typical for lap based analysis) are not allowed any more.

  • Added possibility to force math channels recomputation, from within math channels application window an channel settings window.

3.52.59 - June 30th, 2022


  • Fixed logbook management, that could result in a bad management of conversions into imperial units.

  • Fixed bug that could prevent dragster default logbook computation (included run start offset).

  • Bug fix for which in dragster run performance dialog the conversion of speeds was wrongly managed.

  • Bug fix for weather information convertion in imperial units (that was wrongly executed twice).

  • Bug fix in initialization of velocity units after a change on speed units.

  • Fixed conversion for angular velocity units in math channels.

  • Math channels fix: LOW pass function not working as expected.

  • Math channels: created function BISTABLE and EDGE_COUNTER.

  • Math channel fix on a warning erroneously shown while validating math formulas.

  • Improved math channel integral function management of units of measures when integrating boolean conditions.

  • Fix in population of manual collections.

  • Improved usage of units of measure in math channels.

  • While setting channel properties, the change of function is now properly stored.

  • Fix on importing xrk files upon doubleclick in Windows Explorer.

  • Added command to remove all track sectors.

  • Crash fix while changing the track map associated to a session.

  • Fix upon a wrong warning icon shown in math channels creation window.


  • PDM: from now on it is possible to configure the CAN2 Output together with a keypad (not yet allowed in release).

  • SmartyCam3: fixed misbehaviour of pressure channels.

  • SmartyCam3: added predictive lap time channels.

  • SmartyCam3: added a new graphic set reproducing the Solo2-DL display.

  • Managing of Rio 02B and Shiftlight B expansions.

3.52.49 - June 9th, 2022


  • Math channels: when creating a channel with an unused name, a warning is shown informing users to be aware of that.

  • Fixed renaming of math channels.

  • Prevented application of a math channel when a channel with same name already exists.

  • Fastest lap identification while opening a session for analysis has been improved.

  • Channel selection window: the channel function is shown next to channel name.


  • RaceStudio 3 download: fixed export of csv files during the download.


  • SmartyCam3 configuration: improved naming of graphic controls.

3.52.47 - June 7th, 2022


  • Fixed misalignment of analysis DB columns.

  • Fixed mini issue with ATAN2 function in math channels.

  • Histograms now better consider time spent in every single bar value.

  • Fixed renaming of map last sector.

  • Math channels: fixes in the way the RaceStudio 3 Database acts upon a change in a math channel formula.

  • Default math channels are forced to rebuild, this after having identified a possible issue with some channel functions.

  • Math channels: improved error messages for a better identification of mistakes or typos in formula.

  • Math channels formula: improved management of double quotes.

  • Split type selection menu now features a colored icon that matches the split default color.

  • In case a user selects classic toolbar buttons instead of flat buttons icon are now better managed.


  • SmartyCam3: updated resources.

  • Fixed bug for which all configurations wrongly modified the SmartyCam stream to SmartyCam3 stream.

  • Fixed bug for which there could be cases in which configurations were exported in a file with name but no .zconfig extension.


  • Improved verifications to prevent tracks from appearing with ‘unknown’ nations.

3.52.44 - May 31th, 2022


  • SmartyCam3: fixed multiplier and offset values converting from CAN Output Stream of a device to CAN Input Protocol.

  • SmartyCam3: measure value now corresponding to the unit set in the custom protocol.

  • SmartyCam3: Updated resources.

3.52.40 - May 27th, 2022


  • Bug fix: a login request message could be wrongly shown to user.

  • Added possibility to manage a different file name separator in download fields.


  • Populate of sessions DB has been made a little quicker.

  • Math channels bug fix: while using CHF in a formula the UI could mislead the user in case a channel with a specific function couldn’t be find in a session.


  • SmartyCam3: fixed bug in the unit measure of channel protocol.

  • SmartyCam3, Custom CAN protocol: duplication of CAN addresses avoided. Preset with a valid address value.

  • SmartyCam3: fixed the problem of artifacts remaining on the screen after deleting an item from overlay.

  • SmartyCam3: horizontal scroll bar in graphics settings.

  • SmartyCam3: resources have been updated.

3.52.36 - May 17th, 2022


  • Bug fix: a login request message could be wrongly shown to user.

  • Added possibility to manage a different file name separator in download fields.


  • Populate of sessions DB has been made a little quicker.

  • Math channels bug fix: while using CHF in a formula the UI could mislead the user in case a channel with a specific function couldn’t be find in a session.


  • SmartyCam3: updated aim logos.

3.52.34 - May 16th, 2022


  • Improved available space verifications upon import of movies.


  • SmartyCam3: updated resources and minor fix.

3.52.32 - May 12th, 2022


  • Bug fix for audio settings in movies.

  • Bug fixes in histograms settings.

  • Bug fix for importing GPS data at 10 Hz for drk files.

  • Fix to avoid toolbar buttons flickering.

  • Fixed date/time correction for sessions when importing data sessions that are not made on a recognized track.

  • Added automatic mov/fof correction while importing mov files.

  • Fix in management of the weekday while importing xrk and mov files, that could result in being the weekday of import instead of data recording.

  • Better management of cases like RaceStudio 3 install drive gets full.


  • Introduced SmartyCam3 management/support.

  • Fixed Bug about missing warning message when a configuration with thermocouples was sent to MXS 1.3 Strada.

  • Fixed Bug about getting expansion serial number from a device 1.3.

  • Fixed Bug about possibility of sending configuration to MXP 1.3.

  • Fixed user interface bug of shown controls in window of condition settings, when defining a condition on a single bit of bitfield channel.

  • Fixed bug about warning icon on condition on a single bit of bitfield channel.


  • Fixed a possible crash during export to csv.

  • Fixed a possible crash during data download.

3.52.23 - May 3rd, 2022


  • Better management of cases like RaceStudio 3 install drive gets full.

  • Fix in csv export (SCCA, RS2A like, FastLap), consequence of a possible wrong resample of GPS data.

  • RS3A now can show warning icons and tooltips in case the run features issues, example: in case of unrecognized track.


  • Fixed bug upon problems with disappeared power output channels they are now added again.

  • Fixed bug about alarms not working in configuration EVO5 with GSDash.

  • Fixed bug about disabled channels of enabled keypad that can generate warning on others channels.

  • SaveAs: fixed bug that could occur using some ECUs.

  • fixed bug that could give an error message when starting RaceStudio 3 in Windows7.

3.52.17 - April 20th, 2022


  • Fixed bug for which two tabs of analysis views were closed instead of one upon a single user click.

  • Improved verifications on sessions upon map cancellation.


  • Fixed bug in detection of warning conditions.

  • Channel Expansions: fixed bug for gear potentiometer with custom sensors.


  • Fixed bug on the lap closure upon creation of a new track.

3.52.15 - April 19th, 2022


  • Fixes bug for which some files (xrk or drk) could be wrongly imported with GPS samples at 4 or 8 Hz.

  • Fixes crash that could occur while, on a slow PC, fast switching the selected session in DB with preview window open.

  • Fixes for two possible math channel crashes.

  • Some fixes to the capability of choosing functions for channels.

  • Fix in verification of xrk/mov files being imported during the download, to avoid the possibility to import the same file twice.

  • The RaceStudio 3 analysis database now highlights newly imported files also if importing during download.

  • Bug fix: units of measure for math channel now implies the correct use of the unit itself for math channel.

  • Fixed verification of math channels when enabling them for a session.

  • Analysis panels icons and menus have been reviewed, the same happened to settings dialog windows of each panel.

  • Channels with no samples are now imported in Analysis, and will be listed in Channels List with a comment stating there’s no sample.

  • Fixed activation of mate windows, that could erroneously be placed under the main RaceStudio 3 window.


  • Fixed bug about warning on icons using status variables.

  • Fixed bug about warning on alarms using CAN protocol channels not correctly identified.

  • The button channel configuration window is now resizable and managed with scroll bars.


  • Fixed email address verification routines.

  • Fix export to csv for missing commas in header row.

Web Updates

  • Improved hash verification to get a higher reliability upon download of files from AiM server.

3.52.08 - April 7th, 2022


  • Fix of possible crash while closing analysis windows.

  • Fixed possible issue while passing a negative number as math function parameter.

  • Fixed bug for which the Analysis mate window didn’t manage keyboard commands (zoom, cursor forward and backward).

  • Math Channels: fixed issue with variadic boolean operators (AND,OR,XOR).

  • Math Channels: fixed crash that could occur while computing composed channel formulas.

  • Math Channels: removed limits on math channel name length.


  • Parameters: fixed bug that could not transmit start recording condition.

  • PullUp condition: fixed bug in saving setting.

  • Expansion:Fixed bug in ‘SaveAs’ cfg.

  • Fixed bug in Keypad 32 settings and can now be used again.

  • Fixed bug on trashed custom CAN protocols which were however selectable in the configurations.

  • Now when transmitting a configuration with incompatibilities to 1.3 devices a warning informs the user.

  • Fixed bug in the display of some channels of Mxm and GSDash graphic pages.

  • Expansions: fixed bug in serial number display and fixed conflict when adding a new expansion.

  • A message informs you about configuration compatibilty for device 1.3. You can also choose not to show the message again (this option can be reset from the menu ‘Preferences/Software Behavior/Automation’).


  • Inserted retry for devices that can be lazy to open USB communication line due to checks on the USB driver operated by MS Windows (TM) antiviruses.


  • Improved checks on closing all parallel execution threads, to forbid RaceStudio 3 from remaining open in the Windows Task Manager.

Simulator Manager

  • Added verification to stop communication while RaceStudio 3 is open (comms are set back to normal when RaceStudio 3 gets closed).

3.52.04 - March 29th, 2022


  • Math Channels: Fixed subtraction and exponential computation in case of numeric value used as input.

  • Math Channels: Fixed crash while recomputing a channel with TIME_SHIFT function.

  • Math Channels: added condition functions.

  • Time/distance plot: shift+click moves the cursor at the closest sample.

  • Preview: added lap percentage to laps report.

  • Math Channels: fixed bug in import of math channels.

  • Math Channels: introduced lookup tables.

  • Math Channels: added functinos for EMA (Exponential Moving Average), UWA (UnWrapper Angle, for drifters), CR_INTEG (Conditional Reset Integral).

  • Track Map: fixes to a possible missing route in track map.

  • Selected laps and slices in channels list feature now a better title.

  • Fixed channel frequency and units management while importing drk data.

  • Fix: avoided crash in filtering.

  • Fix in drawing of circular grid in scatter plot.

  • Bug fix: the time compare height position in time/distance plots is now correctly managed.

  • Fixed bug in channels sorting, to avoid wrongly loading all channels names stored into profiles.

  • Bug fix in channels report: time of min and time of max are back working.

  • Bug fix in channels report: added “Integral” and “Module Integral” like RS2A.

  • Adjusted Channels settings window, in order to disable instead of hide the decimal places combo when only one possibility is available.

  • Fixed possible crash while importing mov files.

  • Fixed possible busy loop trying to import corrupted mov files.

  • Bug fix: the ‘color per channel’ in track map was no more working.

  • Bug fix: the mixed plot position wasn’t saved and restored in profiles.

  • Bug fix: the ‘visible’ status in profiles could result in not being correct.

  • Fix on track maps updates after split type change.

  • Bug fix while importing movies, that could wrongly say that no metadata were available.

  • Fix in DB import dialog window: the show in explorer option was non working for a single file.

  • Crash fix while changing channel parameters.

  • RaceStudio 3 imports into RS3A database by default.

  • Video window: added possibility to open operating system default application for videos.

  • RaceStudio 3 Batch Convert: added possibility to convert also mov into other formats like drk, kml, …

  • Small fix in web based track drawing.

  • Added import button in DB page.

  • Added custom layout only in dev and beta.

  • Simulators: fixed GPS data while import.

  • Movies: fixed bug for which shown movies were not managed correctly after closing the channels settings.

  • Profiles: improvement in save speed.

  • Fixed but for which web based maps could result in being hidden.

  • Fixed bug in space bar pressure management, for which the last window in a row could not be hiding.

  • Fixed computation bug in math channels.


  • Fixed crash in odometers setting window.

  • Improved the automatic correction of the condition operation to better adapt to the original configuration when there are problems of inconsistency in the operation or thresholds.

  • Fixed bug in CAN Output Exported cfg: feature could be empty.

  • Managing of MXPS device.

  • Fixed a bug that could sometimes prevent the configuration from being sent correctly

  • Fixed bug about conditions on coded channel (like ECU Gear) that was managed as simple numeric channel, not as coded one.

  • Bug Fix in CAN Output Export file: the generated file was no longer importable.

  • Fixed bugs about managing of maximum number of enabled channels of an ECU / CAN2 protocol.

  • Management of the maximum number of enabled channels of an ECU / CAN2 protocol when saving a configuration. A red warning message informs the user of this behavior when the enabled channels exceed the maximum number.

  • Fixed same bugs on default values for multiposition channel mode.

  • When editing data for a multiposition channel now duplicated data are in red color.

  • To avoid flickering problems spacing has been reduced in the tooltips showing measure information of a DBC protocol.


  • Fixed crash in odometers setting window.

  • Fixed some language typos here or there.

  • Fixed bug for which SD Cards from Strada Logger and Memory Module couldn’t be recognized.

3.52.03 - February 28th, 2022


  • Fixed possible crash while importing mov files.

  • Fixed possible busy loop trying to import corrupted mov files.

  • Bug fix: the ‘color per channel’ in track map was no more working.

  • Bug fix: the mixed plot position wasn’t saved and restored in profiles.

  • Bug fix: the ‘visible’ status in profiles could result in not being correct.


  • Bug Fix in CAN Output Export file: the generated file was no longer importable.

  • Fixed bugs about managing of maximum number of enabled channels of an ECU / CAN2 protocol.

3.52.02 - February 24th, 2022


  • Fix on track maps updates after split type change.

  • Bug fix while importing movies, that could wrongly say that no metadata were available.

  • Crash fix while importing data.

  • Fix in DB import dialog window: the show in explorer option was non working for a single file.

  • Crash fix while changing channel parameters.

  • RaceStudio 3 imports into RS3A database by default.

  • Video window: added possibility to open operating system default application for videos.

  • RaceStudio 3 Batch Convert: added possibility to convert also mov into other formats like drk, kml, …


  • 2022/02/24 Management of the maximum number of enabled channels of an ECU / CAN2 protocol when saving a configuration. A red warning message informs the user of this behavior when the enabled channels exceed the maximum number.

  • 2022/02/23 Fixed same bugs on default values for multiposition channel mode.

  • 2022/02/23 When editing data for a multiposition channel now duplicated data are in red color.

3.52.00 - February 22nd, 2022


  • First release for the Analysis page integrated with RaceStudio 3.


  • To avoid flickering problems spacing has been reduced in the tooltips showing measure information of a DBC protocol.

  • Fixed bug about SW4 Button Channels configured as Multiposition.

  • Fixed bug about enabling the “Transmit” button for configuration.

  • Fixed bug about updating a condition on a Button channel when a status value of the channel is changed.

Live Measures

  • Fixed channel names for MyChron5, when language is set to a language different from English.

  • Fixed bug on status variables or button channels in case values for rest status or active status are changed.


  • Given the introduction of Analysis3 this window has been hidden/suppressed.


  • Fixed tooltip for downloaded file.


  • Fixed WiFi network detection problem due to possible networks with no name, that could generate sluggishness in software behaviour.

  • Improvement of error reporting for FTP/HTTP connections.

  • Fixed possible crash while sending a configuration and at the same time looking at the live measures of the same device.

  • Fixed issue for which the icon stating the connection of any device wasn’t working in case of devices using standard USB drivers.

  • Fixed issue affering a possible flicker of the live measures window after rapidly and repeatedly connecting/disconneting devices.

  • Fixed possible missing reconnection for SCHD after firmup operations.

  • Fixed memory leak for SCHD.

  • Fixed missing connection for SCHD on Windows 11 (after Gen 15, 2022 Windows update).

  • Fixed some crashes that occurred, on Win 11, after connection and reconnection of SCHD and other devices.


  • Fixed issues importing numeric data from text in Operating Systems of languages different from US english.


  • Added the log of std USB drivers installation, to better understand possible failures.


  • Fixed crash that could occur while creating a track map.


  • Added imperial units of measure for torque channels.

3.39.24 - January 13th, 2022


  • Fixed bug about gain and offset and measure unit read by DBC protocol file. It could happen depending on the local numeric settings.

  • Fixed bug about incorrect keypad colors for keypad with ID: 0X18 or 0X19 (when used in conjunction with 0x18).

  • Fixed bug about “CAN protocol measure matching” window that did not show channel list of new protocol

  • MXL2 page property dialog: fixed bug that always shown all selected.

3.39.23 - January 5th, 2022


  • Fixed the USB drivers installation, that featured ‘inf’ files with bad line ending (LF instead of CR+LF).


  • SaveAs for Keypad: fixed bug that could reset the bitrate protocol to default value (125Mb/s).

  • SmartyCam HD: fixed bug in measure setting for UDM and end scale. Upon cfg reopen, the data was reset to default value.

  • Expansions: corrected max expansions number for all devices.

  • MX2E: fixed bug due to multi-state icons that may not work correctly.


3.39.21 - December 21th, 2021


  • Fixed minor bug about default colors for Shift Light expansions.

  • For MXm it’is now posible to configure also Channel Expansion, TC Hub and Shift Light Module.

  • For MXm default colors of the predictive bar are now green for better times and yellow for worse times.

  • CAN output. Fixed a bug when using a static hexadecimal value for a single byte selection: data was shown in decimal value.

  • Fixed a bug disabling a status variable for which all alarms based on status variables lost the correct reference to them.

  • Fixed bug when creating or modifying a status variable, that wrongly copied the status variable in all display channels.

  • Fixed bug on acquisition frequencies allowed for status variables.

  • Managing of custom colors for predictive time bar.

  • Fixed a bug on channels created by default with inconsistent condition parameters (for instance the bug about color condition of keypad channel of PDM).

  • PDM: Fixed bug in display settings dialog, that wrongly showed the scrollbar.

  • Enabled configuration of 5 inches display for PDM32 and PDM 08.

  • Added check box to hide window for locking features. Reset of this option is possible by menu “Preferences / Software Behavior / Automation”.

  • Enalarged column Model in Custom CAN Builder and added tooltips for all columns.

  • SaveAs: CAN Output is now correctly managed and saved.

  • Display: allowed units of measure for “time” channels.

  • K type thermocouple sensor are no longer configurable in RaceStudio 3 for PDM devices (as PDM can’t manage thermocouples).

  • Fixed bug: bitrate indication of first version ECU protocols is no longer shown as it was wrong.

  • Fixed bug in rotary settings when updating channel data. Now in LED color settings, it shows updated channel labels.

  • Fixed bug about updating condition on status variables or power outputs or button channels when they are changed.

  • Fixed bug about default operation for condition on MXsl power output.

  • Fixed bug about default operation for condition on button.

  • Fixed bug about loading display with many pages.

  • Fixed bug about finding channel that could be change display measure with another one.

  • Fixed bug about channels used by CAN Output that sometimes were changed opening a configuration.

  • Fixed bug about coded value of Power Output Half Bridges shown when used in a condition.

  • Fixed bugs about allowed operations and usable values in condition on Status Variables or Power Output Channels.

  • Fixed bug where RaceStudio 3 crashed deleting a Status Variable.

  • Fixed bug for which sometimes ECU protocol channels used in the conditions, or by display objects, or by CAN Output, were replaced by those of CAN2 protocol.

  • Fixed bug about saving frequency and unit of single measure importing a protocol by DBC file.

  • Fixed memory leaks about multi channels configuration importing protocol from DBC file.


  • Better management of dragster tracks, that used to show a length that wasn’t correct.

  • Some fixes for ensuring Time Zone and DST information in all user tracks.


  • Added units “in/s” for suspension speed.


  • This release introduces a new Installer technology, positively tested in beta.

3.38.04 - October 14th, 2021


  • Fixed a bug that could cause the software to crash modifying a protocol in CAN-Builder.

  • Fixed bugs related to Hysteresis window and threshold values configuring condition on a channel.

  • Added message disabling general use of keypads to warn that the configuration will be permanently lost.

  • SW4, (OEM Mygale) updated settings: enabled CAN optical Beacon; disabled RS232 and KLine because of missing hw

3.38.03 - October 5th, 2021


  • MXK10: increased number of LambdaCAN e ChannelExp that can be added (up to 4).

  • Overlay: fixed possible error when loading new page.

  • SW4: Added new Output Commands to reset counters: Odometer (1,2,3,4 )and fuel level. Firmware update is required.

  • SW4: improved access to the display MENU (Firmup needed and checked before to transmit). Now, you just choose the pushbutton for entering the menu, then the four pushbuttons near the display let you move through the pages, independently upon their configuration.

  • Fixed bug sending the configuration to MX2E devices, as in some cases the process erroneously timed out.

  • Fixed bug in pullup resistors for digital status channels.

  • Fixed bug in ODBC configuration.

  • Fixed possible error when loading a new overlay page.


  • Fixed a possible issue with GPS data when downloading from a system using GPS-05.

  • Fixed bug for which, when downloading mov files from SmartyCamHD or from a SD Card, the number of driven laps was set to zero.

AiM Tray Application

  • A couple of channels in Assetto Corsa and Assetto Corsa Competizione have been modified to better comply with new stuff in simulator output.

3.38.01 - September 23rd, 2021

Custom Sensors

  • Fixed crash that could happen while managing custom sensors.

3.38.00 - September 15th, 2021


  • Added PDM configuration.

  • Added SW4 configuration.

  • SaveAs: fixed bug when using Custom ECUs and fixed bug that could not copy all configuration data.

  • Fixed bug in deleting alarm that could close the software.

  • Fixed minor bug about CAN protocol managing.

  • Fixed the issue with updating the date of the last modification of a cfg. Now it is not necessary to open the cfg when the sw starts up again.

  • Fixed date format in configuration to fit available space.

  • Fixed bug in setting alarm condition for digital status channel: ‘equal to’ and ‘different from’ can now be set.

  • Display tab: keep of channel selection when drag and drop occurs.

  • Fixed bug when saving channel that shows warning icon for channels that were ‘not set’.

  • Status Variable: cleaned the dirt in the left margin.

  • Fixed possible bug transmitting a configuration with encoded channels with more than 20 codes.

  • Fix to configuration transmission to MX2E.

  • SmartyCam HD 2.2: fix when using ECU that could not be sent to device.

  • Fixed Windows 7 bug when configuring display pages using fonts incompatible with that OS.

CAN Protocol Builder

  • Added new window to set and validate all measures of a protocol imported from a DBC file.


  • Live Measures: changed name from ‘two-state channels’ to ‘Digital Status channels’ to fit all channel type included in the list.

  • Live Measures: fixed a bug setting an Associated String longer than 5 characters when forcing channel value.

  • Download: fix to session best lap time shown in download window.

  • Feedbacks and uploads to AiM support now allow a better control upon files being uploaded, and inform users to call support team when not logged in.

  • Fixed error management in converting lat/lon/alt values (only in case these values are in error).

  • Some typos were fixed.

  • Firmware Updates: fixed bug that could prevent the firmware update from running.


  • Fixed drawing of track directions.

  • Fixed bug in redrawing of the hot track, that could result in drawing no line.

  • Fixed bug in creation of a new map, that could be impossible when trying to create a map made of only beacons.

3.36.11 - July 1st, 2021

Live Measures

  • Fixed bug for which for some channels it was impossible to change units of measure

ECU Stream

  • Fixed some protocols for which, upon the creation of a new configuration, channels wrongly resulted in being hidden

3.36.09 - June 24th, 2021

CAN Builder

  • Fix for buttons in main protocols DB that could result in being hidden.


  • Fix in font management in device pages, that could make the receive/transmit of the configuration extremely slow.

  • Fix in infoline configuration: it allowed a change that culd generate display errors on devices.

3.36.07 - May 24th, 2021


  • RaceStudio 3 is now ready to support new features in the firmware, to quicker manage fonts and icons. Please notice that with this version of RaceStudio 3 you’ll be in the need of a new firmware (supplied with RaceStudio 3 itself).


  • Computations for web mapping have been accelerated.


  • Small fix in recognizing the Wi-Fi name of a device.

3.36.04 - March 24th, 2021


  • Improved Wi-Fi device scan speed for AiM devices when RaceStudio 3 is running on a virtualized Windows.

  • Start of Wi-Fi connection has been made quicker.

  • Improved Wi-Fi password verification function device window.

  • Introduced a Wi-Fi warning icon to inform users when they’re possibly connected to two networks sharing the same IP addresses.

  • A couple of modifications were made to avoid useless RaceStudio 3 logs.

  • Fix to Wi-Fi choice menu, in which AiM devices could be erroneously placed into other networks. Notice: this NOT being a bug in communication but only a user interface menu sorting.

  • Fix to FastLap export format.

  • Fixed a couple of crashes that could happen while closing RaceStudio 3, this generating a RaceStudio 3 instance to be closed using TaskManager.


  • Fixed bug in xrk parsing. Some GPS samples could result as missing upon crossing GPS week change.

  • Fixed bug for which, downloading an xrk file with ECU locked channels, those channels were missing in the drk file also in case the protection password was installed. Notice: the xrk2drk utility was instead perfectly functional.

  • Fixed filtering for GPS Accelerometers in conversion to DRK.


  • Fixed bug in SmartyCam stream that could result not keeping channels previously set.

3.35.01 - February 22nd, 2021


  • Added export for .s3t files.

  • Added export for FastLap format.

  • Improved rendering speed for web mappings.

  • Some fixes in xrk to drk conversion (management of GPS samples).

  • Fixed possible “lazyness” in closing RaceStudio 3.

  • Fixed a couple of possible crashes while closing RaceStudio 3.

  • Fixed audio management in movies.

  • Fixes in management of files and folders with possible non ASCII characters.

  • Fixes in management of start/finish line while creating a track with no driven line.

  • Fixed bug that (due to a wrong management of a timeout from an external API) could make RaceStudio 3 be very slow.


  • Fixed minor bugs and memoryleaks about math channels, status variables.

  • Correction of the message informing that selecting the size of 1 byte the value of the CAN Output channels could be truncated.

  • Introduced possibility to manage alarm action only in Master and not in Slave (and viceversa).

3.34.06 - February 11th, 2021


  • Fixed bug in Speed Channels that could not be recorded. Unlikely bug, but theoretically it could happen on all devices featuring a speed channel.

3.34.05 - January 21st, 2021

RaceStudio 3 —

  • Fixed bug that might freeze the software when importing/opening configuration.

  • Fixed bug that forbade the visualization of some channels into SmartyCam videos.

  • Fixed bug that (due to a wrong management of a timeout) could make RaceStudio 3 be very slow.


  • Fixed bug converting xrk files into drk files.


3.34.03 - December 4th, 2020


  • Fixed download of MyChron5 660.

3.34.02 - November 2nd, 2020


  • Fixed bug while parsing xrk files from MyChron5. All channels from expansions (LCU, IR Temp, …) are properly managed in the drk file.

3.34.01 - October 27th, 2020

RaceStudio 3 —

  • Managed Toggle channel with long/short pressure time setting.

  • Managed Multiposition channel with work value and long/short pressure time setting.

  • New sensors naming to avoid AiM prefix.

  • Bug fixes in channels management in existing configurations.

  • Minor bug fixes in web updates.


  • Some fixes/improvements in xrk file parsing, mostly bound to new GPS file structures.


  • Minor bug fixes/improvements.

3.32.14 - October 7th, 2020


  • SmartyCam HD/GP HD: added support for a new overlay.

3.32.12 - June 12th, 2020


  • Updated icon selection dialog and fixed bugs in editing custom icons (a freeze/crash in the window).

  • Updated ECU protocols Fixed bug for which more simulator files than needed were prompted for being converted into drk Fixed bug in the management of a customer ‘cancel’ while editing the color of an icon.

  • Fixed bug in import of Assetto Corsa Files for which their date was set to import date instead of simulation date.

3.32.09 - June 3rd, 2020


  • The RaceStudio 3 installer features a new digital signign certificate.

  • Bug fix in data conversion to SCCA CSV file format: distance was wrongly be saved in km instead of the agreed feet. Now the units of measure for channels are (not depending upon RaceStudio 3 units preferences): mph for Speed, g for accelerations, m for GPS Pos accuracy.

  • Settings menu: add a menu to link the AiM Sim Racing website.

  • Settings menu: the “Import” menu has been changed into “Conversion” menu, as what’s done there is properly a conversion to drk format (and possibly others).

  • Settings menu: in the “Conversion” menu, the ibt, acc and rf2 formats are shown separately, to make it more clear moved the batch conversion menu together with other conversion menus.

  • Small Fixes in the championship management while converting ibt, acc and rf2 files into drk files: now the championship always have the name of the simulator, in order to be able to immediately identify those files in RS2Analysis DB.The ibt file format starts managing test types and vehicle setup as drk notes.

  • The acc file format inserts in drk notes the Assetto Corsa version.

Simulator Manager

  • Fixed bug for which saving data from Assetto Corsa Competizione the acc files generated were huge, due to uselessly repeated data into the stream saved to file. This didn’t happen in case of data streamed to a device.