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MyChron5 660
Developed for Jr. Dragster.
MyChron5 660 is the most complete system to sample, record and view all data for your Jr. Dragster and is NHRA homologated.
Data recording
As a standalone unit, MyChron5 660 records:
Engine RPM
Jackshaft RPM
Cylinder Head Temperature
Exhaust Gas Temperature
(computed out of jackshaft RPM and final drive ratio)
CVT and overdrive
(computed out of engine RPM and jack shaft RPM)
Linear Acceleration
(computed out of speed)
Real time display
The three most important data for staging your Jr. Dragster - RPM, EGT and CHT - are clearly shown on the large LCD display.
Steady Stage
Below 5,000 RPM the display will average the RPM itself with a dedicated stabilizer. The result is a much more consistent number for your carburetor tuning.
Post Run Review
At the touch button, you'll get:
Maximums (and time of triggering) for engine RPM, jack shaft RPM, overdrive and temperatures
Total recorded run time
Overdrive 1:1 (when engine RPM and jackshaft RPM cross each other)
Staging RPM
After-Test Graphs
With MyChron5 660 you'll get a clear graphical display of RPM and jack shaft, as well as Exhaust Gas and Cylinder Head Temperatures, and even CVT, Overdrive channels and calculated wheel speed.
RaceStudio 3 Analysis
Data from your MyChron5 660 can be analysed using the powerful AiM free software RaceStudio 3 providing time plots and setup sheets, expandable at your will with histograms and scatter plots.
Download RaceStudio 3.