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The ECU designed for
Yamaha YFZ450R Sport ATV
Yarara is the plug & play ECU developed by AiM for being installed on the Yamaha YFZ450R. Thanks to its high technology 32-bit core, it is a good help for improving the performances of your ATV, without sacrificing reliability and smoothness.
Yarara is specifically designed for:
Yamaha YFZ450R Model year 2021 and 2022
High technology 32-bit core
Engine control requires precision.
At 10,000 RPM Yarara guarantees a precision of 1/10 of degree: this means an accuracy within 1.6Ásec for turning the spark ON!
This precision is the key to guarantee:
A very consistent engine rotation
The possibility to repeat dozens of tests at the bench
always obtaining the same exact result
A perfect reactivity at every minimum change
of any point of a map and, at the end…
More power
Plug & Play
The replacement of the original control unit is very easy, Yarara fully reflects the sizes and connection of the original ECU, with the difference that makes your YZF450R more performing!
Fulfill your needs with Yarara secondary harness
The secondary harness is an useful add-on to express the full potential of Yarara. If you would like to connect a logger, the HBS handlebar switch, a quick shifter or use the dedicated Spark software, you need the secondary harness.
UC Bridge connector
Connect to UC Bridge in order to configure
specific maps, read live measurements with
AiM SPARK software and have support from
Tuners or AiM developers in remote mode.
CAN expansion
AiM Logger, HBS handlebar switch or display.
Advanced strategies
Quick shifter, second injector, spare analog channel, input channel, spare low-side output.
The AiM ECUs dedicated software
Spark is the software specifically developed for all AiM ECUs; a powerful tool that features all is needed for a perfect setup,
no matter if you are a tuner or a user.
Full control in your hand
The HBS Handlebar Switch lets you select the best map in any situation, in every moment, just using your thumb. Flexibility and comfort assured by the two pushbuttons and 10 LEDs, HBS can manage the following settings:
Advanced Base Map
A base map that immediately makes the ATV more performing than the OEM control units.
Advanced Strategies
Strategies can be configured for second injectors, quick shift, launch control,
traction control and all the important parameters that a rider need.

Extra Analog Inputs
2 analog inputs to manage external sensors to improve the bike performance,
such as barometric air pressure.

Extra Digital Outputs
2 outputs, one dedicated to a second injector and another free to add another device,
like, for example, a water pump.