RaceStudio 3

3.36.11 - Jul, 1st 2021

Live Measures

  • Fixed bug for which for some channels it was impossible to change units of measure

ECU Stream

  • Fixed some protocols for which, upon the creation of a new configuration, channels wrongly resulted in being hidden

3.36.09 - June, 24th 2021

CAN Builder

  • Fix for buttons in main protocols DB that could result in being hidden.


  • Fix in font management in device pages, that could make the receive/transmit of the configuration extremely slow.

  • Fix in infoline configuration: it allowed a change that culd generate display errors on devices.

3.36.07 - May, 24th 2021


  • RS3 is now ready to support new features in the firmware, to quicker manage fonts and icons. Please notice that with this version of RS3 you’ll be in the need of a new firmware (supplied with RS3 itself).


  • Computations for web mapping have been accelerated.


  • Small fix in recognizing the Wi-Fi name of a device.

3.36.04 - Mar, 24th 2021


  • Improved Wi-Fi device scan speed for AiM devices when RS3 is running on a virtualized Windows

  • Start of Wi-Fi connection has been made quicker

  • Improved Wi-Fi password verification function device window

  • Introduced a Wi-Fi warning icon to inform users when they’re possibly connected to two networks sharing the same IP addresses

  • A couple of modifications were made to avoid useless RS3 logs

  • Fix to Wi-Fi choice menu, in which AiM devices could be erroneously placed into other networks. Notice: this NOT being a bug in communication but only a user interface menu sorting

  • Fix to FastLap export format

  • Fixed a couple of crashes that could happen while closing RS3, this generating a RS3 instance to be closed using TaskManager


  • Fixed bug in xrk parsing. Some GPS samples could result as missing upon crossing GPS week change

  • Fixed bug for which, downloading an xrk file with ECU locked channels, those channels were missing in the drk file also in case the protection password was installed. Notice: the xrk2drk utility was instead perfectly functional

  • Fixed filtering for GPS Accelerometers in conversion to DRK


  • Fixed bug in SmartyCam stream that could result not keeping channels previously set

3.35.01 - Feb, 22nd 2021


  • Added export for .s3t files

  • Added export for FastLap format

  • Improved rendering speed for web mappings

  • Some fixes in xrk to drk conversion (management of GPS samples)

  • Fixed possible “lazyness” in closing RS3

  • Fixed a couple of possible crashes while closing RS3

  • Fixed audio management in movies

  • Fixes in management of files and folders with possible non ASCII characters

  • Fixes in management of start/finish line while creating a track with no driven line

  • Fixed bug that (due to a wrong management of a timeout from an external API) could make RS3 be very slow


  • Fixed minor bugs and memoryleaks about math channels, status variables

  • Correction of the message informing that selecting the size of 1 byte the value of the CAN Output channels could be truncated

  • Introduced possibility to manage alarm action only in Master and not in Slave (and viceversa)

3.34.06 - Feb, 11th 2021


  • Fixed bug in Speed Channels that could not be recorded. Unlikely bug, but theoretically it could happen on all devices featuring a speed channel.

3.34.05 - Jan, 21st 2021


  • Fixed bug that might freeze the software when importing/opening configuration Fixed bug that forbade the visualization of some channels into SmartyCam videos Fixed bug that (due to a wrong management of a timeout) could make RS3 be very slow


  • Fixed bug converting xrk files into drk files

3.34.03 - Dec, 4th 2020


  • Fixed download of MyChron5 660

3.34.02 - Nov, 2nd 2020


  • Fixed bug while parsing xrk files from MyChron5. All channels from expansions (LCU, IR Temp, …) are properly managed in the drk file

3.34.01 - Oct, 27th 2020


  • Managed Toggle channel with long/short pressure time setting Managed Multiposition channel with work value and long/short pressure time setting New sensors naming to avoid AiM prefix

  • Bug fixes in channels management in existing configurations Minor bug fixes in web updates


  • Some fixes/improvements in xrk file parsing, mostly bound to new GPS file structures


  • Minor bug fixes/improvements

3.32.14 - Oct, 7th 2020


  • SmartyCam HD/GP HD: added support for a new overlay

3.32.12 - Jun, 12th 2020


  • Updated icon selection dialog and fixed bugs in editing custom icons (a freeze/crash in the window)

  • Updated ECU protocols Fixed bug for which more simulator files than needed were prompted for being converted into drk Fixed bug in the management of a customer ‘cancel’ while editing the color of an icon

  • Fixed bug in import of Assetto Corsa Files for which their date was set to import date instead of simulation date

3.32.09 - Jun, 3rd 2020


  • The RS3 installer features a new digital signign certificate

  • Bug fix in data conversion to SCCA CSV file format: distance was wrongly be saved in km instead of the agreed feet. Now the units of measure for channels are (not depending upon RS3 units preferences): mph for Speed, g for accelerations, m for GPS Pos accuracy

  • The settings menu has changed a little bit for:
    • add a menu to link the AiM Sim Racing website

    • the “Import” menu has been changed into “Conversion” menu, as what’s done there is properly a conversion to drk format (and possibly others)

    • in the “Conversion” menu, the ibt, acc and rf2 formats are shown separately, to make it more clear moved the batch conversion menu together with other conversion menus

  • Small Fixes in the championship management while converting ibt, acc and rf2 files into drk files: now the championship always have the name of the simulator, in order to be able to immediately identify those files in RS2Analysis DB. The ibt file format starts managing test types and vehicle setup as drk notes.

  • The acc file format inserts in drk notes the Assetto Corsa version

Simulator Manager Fixed bug for which saving data from Assetto Corsa Competizione the acc files generated were huge, due to uselessly repeated data into the stream saved to file. This didn’t happen in case of data streamed to a device