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The new Seat Leon Cup first equipped with MXG
The official presentation of the newest Seat Leon Cup Racer, first equipped with the new AiM MXG dash logger, is going to take place. The project was firstly disclosed by TOP GEAR last October:, with the related video:
Watch the new touring car also in this great video by Omnicorse:
AiM equipment: MXG
MXL2 unvealed in the Abarth 695 Biposto at Geneva Show
The newest MXL2 dash logger with multi-function LCD display has been chosen by Abarth for their new 695 Biposto (two seats).
This equipment reinforces the cooperation between AiM and Abarth (see below).
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Click here to see the TV commercial (TV-Spot 06.2014).
AiM equipment: MXL2
Abarth 695 Trophy equipped with MXL Pista datalogger
All the 695 "Assetto Corse" cars produced for the 2012 Abarth Europe (and Italy) Trophy are first-equipped with an MXL Pista datalogger.
The 695 "Assetto Corse" is the new small super-sports car designed for track racing, debuting this year in the single-make trophy.
The new car pairs up with the 500 "Assetto Corse", the highly successful star of the track over the past three years.
AiM equipment: MXL Pista
ADAC Formel Masters
ADAC Formel Masters
The ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club) Formel Masters is an open wheel racing series based in Germany. The first season was in 2008 and is the main feeder series to the ATS Formula 3 Cup (German Formula Three Championship).
The Series is run by Dallara cars with 1.6 litre Volkswagen engine.
Since the first season all ADAC Formel Masters cars have been equipped with AiM EVO3 Pista and Formula Steering Wheel.
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AiM equipment: EVO3 Pista and Formula Steering Wheel
Eric Buell Racing
Eric Buell Racing
Erik Buell Racing, the new independent company run by Erik Buell based in East Troy, Wisconsin, unveiled at the Indy Dealer Expo 2011 its stunning new V-Twin EBR 1190RS. For this bike Erik Buell has chosen, as original equipment, an MXL Strada.
AiM equipment: MXL Strada
Formula Abarth by Tatuus
Formula Abarth by Tatuus
Tatuus is an Italian manufacturer which designs, produces and sells race cars since 1980. Its success lead the Company to expand on an international scale, creating racing cars for different categories.
Formula Abarth is the new car produced in Tatuus and it debuted in 2010 in the Italian Championship: it represents at today the best entry level formula car.
The new " Formula Abarth European Series": just six months after the debut, Formula Abarth obtained a great success beyond national borders, attracting drivers from more than 15 different countries to the Italian Championship.
Building on this success, an European Series is at the starting grid.
All Formula Abarth cars are first-equipped with AiM Formula Steering Wheel.
AiM equipment: Formula Steering Wheel
Formula Speed 2.0
Formula Speed 2.0
The FormulaSPEED 2.0 is a brand new racecar engineered and hand built in California, developed to compete in the Formula Car Challenge which is an officially sanctioned series of NASA Pro Racing.
The FormulaSPEED 2.0 makes close to 200hp and utilizes a 6 speed sequential transaxle, the same used in Formula 3, GP3, and Star Mazda racecars.
Chassis is a proprietary design manufactured by Fast Forward Racing Components.
The engine is a 2.0 Liter MAZDASPEED MZR High Output with forged crank and rods.
There are multiple regional championships in place: in addition to regional series promoted for Formula Mazda racecars, the FS2.0 can compete in SCCA Regional and National events in the Formula Atlantic (FA) class.
AiM EVO4 with steering wheel are the first equipment data logging and dash system of FormulaSPEED 2.0 cars.
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AiM equipment: EVO4 and Formula Steering Wheel
Radical Sportscars launched a series of successful sportscars like 1100 Clubsport, which still raced with enthusiasm all around the world, Prosport, SR3 (the Radical's most popular model to date), etc.
Although most of this prestigious English constructor of racing cars are road legal, they also build some purpose-built racing cars.
Radical Sportcars success is based on design of innovative and unique models: this philosophy brought Radical to sell over 1,000 sports racing cars in little more than a decade.
All Radical models produced since 2008 have MXL Strada or MXL Pista installed as first equipment dataloggers.
AiM equipment: MXL Strada or MXL Pista
The first edition of the SEAT Leon Supercopa organized by SEAT took place in 2002.
Supercopa Leon has become over the years one of the most successful single-brand events in the history of european motor racing, in terms of driver participation and promotion.
MXL Pista is the first equipment datalogger for all Supercopa Leon cars since 2006.
Following this success story, in 2011 SEAT started a new one-make championship: the
Ibiza SC Trophy, a true novelty in several spanish and european circuits.
The cars, developed specifically for the competition, are based on the Ibiza Cupra 1.4 supercharged.
Of course, MXL Pista is the first equipment datalogger even for Ibiza SC Trophy cars.
AiM equipment: MXL Pista
Toyota Racing Series - New Zealand
Toyota Racing Series - New Zealand
Launched in 2004, the Toyota Racing Series is New Zealand's premier "open-wheeler" motorsport category: an incubator and showcase for the next generations of New Zealand racing talents.
The Toyota Racing Series run a Toyota Tatuus: a modified versions of 1.8L Toyota four cylinder production engines with a Carbon monocoque chassis built by Tatuus in Italy to full FIA F3 specifications.
All Toyota Racing Series cars are first-equipped with AiM MyChron3 XG Log.
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AiM equipment: MyChron3 XG Log
West Race Cars is a leading constructor of championship winning sports prototype racers in the US and across the globe.
Headquartered near Atlanta, Georgia, West Race Cars is the sole provider of cars for the L2 class of the prestigious American Lemans Prototype Lites support series, running throughout North America.
The West (WR1000 and WX10) also run competitively in SCCA, NASA, PBOC and other venues in North America, having won multiple national championships over the years.
AiM Sports is a consolidated partner of West Race Cars, as they use MXL Pista as their stock dash option.
AiM equipment: MXL Pista
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